A new lineup of the Godfathers continues to perform and record, you can read about them here

The Godfathers have revealed news of the amicable departure of Mike Gibson and George Mazur from the band. Founding members Peter Coyne (vocals) & Chris Coyne (bass/vocals) together with guitarist Del Bartle are now joined by former drummer Grant Nicholas.


The Godfathers have announced details of more confirmed concerts – including a rare UK concert in Manchester, 2 French gigs & a festival in Spain.

The Godfathers will play Mondo Bizarro - Rennes on 9th December ’09 & Le Cabaret Eletrique - Le Havre on 10th December ’09, before undertaking their first German tour in over a decade – Schlacthof, -Wiesbaden on 14th December, Bang Bang Club -Berlin on 15th December, Lagerhaus - Osnabruck on 16th December, Backstage -Munich on 17th December, Waldsee – Freiburg on 18th December, Red Hot – Juchen on 19th December & Molotow – Hamburg on 20th December.

The Godfathers will then kick start their New Year by performing another of their traditional Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre concerts at ULU (University of London Union, Malet Street) in London on February 14th 2010.

The Godfathers also headline the Freakland Festival in Ponferrada, Spain on 3rd April 2010 & will be special guests to The Alarm at Manchester Academy 2, Manchester on 16th April 2010 – their first UK appearance outside of London in over 10 years.

2010 marks the 25th Anniversary of The Godfathers’ formation in ’85 & The Godfathers will celebrate this epic milestone by announcing details of more concerts worldwide over the coming months.

The Godfathers are currently writing material for a brand new Godfathers’ album to be released sometime in 2010.



Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre at ULU, London – with special guests

Sunday 14th February 2010

Tickets available from 0844 477 1000 and

Legendary British rock & roll band The Godfathers celebrate 25 years since the group’s formation in ’85 by announcing details of a Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre concert in London in 2010 & their first German tour in over a decade in December ’09.

The Godfathers will headline ULU in Malet Street, London on Sunday February 14th 2010 with special guests to be confirmed closer to the date. Tickets for The Godfathers’ Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre concert at ULU are available now from

The Godfathers will also play Schlachtof, Wiesbaden on 14th December, Bang Bang club, Berlin on 15th December, Lagerhaus, Osnabruck on 16th December, Backstage, Munich on 17th December, Waldsee, Freiburg on 18th December, Red Hot, Juchen on 19th December and Molotow, Hamburg on 20th December ‘09.

The Godfathers are currently writing material for a brand new album to be released sometime in 2010, their first studio album since ‘Afterlife’ in ’95.

ULU, London - Listing

Date: Sunday 14th February 2010
Venue:  ULU
Address: ULU, University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY
Doors:7pm - 11pm
Admission: £12.50 Adv - £14 on door

Peter Coyne on the Garage

Firstly a big thanks to everybody who made the effort to see The Godfathers at The Garage in London the other Friday. Secondly I would like to apologise to everybody who did make it The Garage for our ridiculously early stage time of 8:40 & the utterly stupid 10:00 curfew time that was enforced upon us. I HATE going on stage in front of a sober audience – it’s bloody scary I can tell you!! We will do everything in our power to ensure that scenario never happens again. We like to have a bit of a chin-wag & a piss-up with people afterwards & it was a crying shame that wasn’t allowed to happen. Still, you live & learn…

I thought ‘This Is War’ was a superb addition to our set & definitely one of the best numbers performed on the night – it fucking rocked, big time & I would like to see more selections from ‘Unreal World’ added in due course. We have had many, many requests from fans to play material from our later albums & we will try & satisfy these ‘demands’ when we feel the time is right. Any suggestions? Please let us know & we will seriously consider what you have to say. The Sid Presley Experience classic ‘Hup 2 3 4’ was another of my personal favourites at The Garage – a rocking beauty from 1984 that I hope you’ll agree sounds as fresh as a daisy (and even more relevant) in 2009. Anyhow you voted with your feet & the shiny new floor at the refurbished Garage certainly took a pounding during those ones!!

Thanks also to anybody who posted questions recently on the ‘Ask The Band’ section of the forum on our website ALL the band will be giving their answers when they’ve time. I hopefully tried to be both amusing & brutally honest with my own responses.

Mike & Del are off on their holidays shortly & as soon as they are back we will start getting ultra-serious on the song-writing front. Personally I’m itching to get stuck in.

All the best ALWAYS & see you next time,

Peter Coyne/The Godfathers

New thread on the Forum - "Ask the Band"
After a bit of arm, twisting band members have agreed to drop by the forum and partake in a bit of correspondence. Anyone with any questions regarding the band and their plans for the future can leave it on the "ask the band thread" and have it answered in due course. Keep them busy. Find it here
Pete and Mike onstage at The Garage 24/07/2009
Thanks to Chris Barney for the picture from his ropey Blackberry
New album in the offing
Peter Coyne writes .......

It is my absolute pleasure to100% confirm that The Godfathers (that’s Peter Coyne, Chris Coyne, Mike Gibson, George Mazur & Del Bartle to you) are currently all writing new material for a brand new Godfathers album to be released SOMETIME in 2010. There have indeed been many distractions along the way since we reformed last year, but right now I’m tingling with excitement at the prospect of our creative sparks rubbing together and what we are going to come up with next!! I’d like to see us write at least 20-25 great numbers first & then select the absolute best 12-14 for single/album release next year. What ‘direction’ or ‘shape’ or ‘form’ this new material will eventually take is down to us as individuals & as a group – but I’d personally want to hear plenty of freaky rock & roll music, ultra-melodic stuff that gets stuck in your brain & won’t let go, something shockingly different to the majority of crap that masquerades as modern music these days…you know, The Godfathers - but NOW!!

As far as I’m concerned we’ve already made a great start to our song-writing with a number of absolute crackers under our belts already (a couple of work-in-progress titles to share with you here, ‘Back Into The Future’ & ‘Primitive Man’) but of course at this very early stage of our endeavours it’s hard to tell whether these may or may not appear on any eventual release – nothing’s set in stone. That’s just the tip of the iceberg coming your way, but all of us in the band have definitely got a lot of serious work to do on the composing/writing front this summer/autumn. Sure we love performing fantastic songs like ‘I Want Everything’, ‘Birth School Work Death’ & ‘Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues’, but we want to be able to add those classic numbers & complement them with shit-hot new material as & when we see fit. We’re The Godfathers, that’s our right & I’m really looking forward to the adventure, the challenge & the tremendous buzz of it all.

Wish us well & trust in our taste!!

Peter Coyne/The Godfathers

PS Don’t forget The Godfathers are onstage at The Garage on Friday 24th July bang on at 8:40pm as there is a strict 10:00pm curfew – so come early!! See you all there at a red-hot & sticky Garage – we’ll be playing a couple of classics we haven’t tried previously!!


Live at The Garage, London – with special guests The Priscillas & Sleaford Mods

Friday 24th July 2009

Tickets available from 08700 600 100 and


Following their recent, triumphant tour of Spain & the Basque region, legendary British rock & roll band The Godfathers are pleased to announce the full line-up details for their forthcoming show at the newly re-launched and refurbished Garage in London on Friday 24th July

The Godfathers will be joined by special guests - the melodic, milk-shake punk of girl group The Priscillas and genre-blurring rap from one-man explosion Sleaford Mods. Tickets for The Godfathers at The Garage on Friday 24th July are available now from

Doors open 6:30 & there is a strict 10:00 curfew at The Garage and The Godfathers are bang on stage at 8:40 – so fans are advised to come early.

Seminal 80’s rockers The Godfathers reformed their original line-up last year to promote an expanded re-issue of their classic debut album ‘Hit By Hit’. The Godfathers will also play Petrol club in Antwerp on Saturday June 13th with more European live dates for the band expected to be announced shortly.

Peter Coyne on Spain

I can confirm that The Godfathers’ recent tour of Spain & the Basque country was (as per usual) a fantastic experience for both the band and our beloved audience. It has always been an absolute pleasure for us to tour in this beautiful part of the world and our recent trip there was no exception to this rule. Temperature wise Spain was very hot and musically so were The Godfathers. Let me give you a little taste of what went down…

Our first port of call was a very early 8:30 concert (usually in Spain you go onstage around midnight) at Intersecciones in Gijon – a cultural centre that puts on theatre productions, cinema and the occasional gig. It was a packed, seated auditorium, but after a swift tongue-lashing from my good self we soon had the entire audience up on their feet and rocking away. The next venue Gruta 77 in Madrid reminded me very much of the famed Marquee club in London’s Wardour Street (where back in the day we made our bones as a band) and it was in Madrid that The Godfathers really got into our stride and started to hit the nail firmly on the head. Former Sid Presley Experience axe hero Del Bartle is and always has been an exceptionally talented rock and roll guitarist. Del is a lovely, lovely guy and a great songwriter/performer to boot – mark my words and make no mistake about it he is going to prove to be a very serious addition to The Godfathers’ line-up. Playing to our strengths we’d added two classic Sid Presley Experience numbers to our set (nifty versions of ‘Hup Two Three Four’ and ‘Public Enemy Number One’) and the Gibson/Bartle guitar partnership was sizzling away nicely. ‘Puta Madre’ is a particularly salty, evocative expression peculiar to Spain – the closest equivalent in English would be ‘fucking great’ or perhaps more precisely ‘THE dog’s bollocks’. Well on that balmy night in Madrid at Gruta 77 The Godfathers were indeed PUTA MADRE and the assembled crowd loved us for it and noisily demanded several encores. Mucho gracias Madrid!!


Valencia’s Durango club is a little bit like the Titty Twister in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ without the vampires. Whatever genius put this venue together certainly knew what they were doing. I have to be honest, while we didn’t exactly reach the mighty heights of the previous night’s show in Madrid (an extended ‘celebration’ with our fans afterwards coupled with an enormously long drive dread early the next day to Valencia probably didn’t help) we were still pretty damn good. But in true Godfathers’ fashion we saved the best till last. Helldorado in Vitoria (or to rightfully give this amazing city it’s proper Basque name, Gasteiz) is quite simply one of the best venues I have ever played. The Godfathers rose magnificently to the occasion and duly delivered a corker of a set that many of our Basque fans thought topped the stunning, sold-out show we performed in February last year at Café Antzokia. My brother Chris & I are very proud to be Irish and our Basque brothers and sisters are certainly just as equally proud and protective of their heritage. Like the Irish the Basque people have the same generosity of spirit, the same beautiful madness, the same lust for life and The Godfathers have always felt very much at home in this region. They are lovely, lovely, lovely people. The food is so good here that even our drummer George was asking for more and let me tell you that our Mr Mazur is very, very choosy about what he puts down his neck!! So, all in all, a great trip.

Before finishing I would like to extend special thanks to all our Spanish and Basque fans for their fantastic support (we know that you love us, but we love you MORE) our soundman Max Bisgrove for his super-sonic assistance (there’s only one Max Bisgrove!) and our Spanish/Basque promoters Inigo & Gorka from Noise On Tour for ALL their hard work on the tour and bringing us back to Spain and the Basque region. Lastly I want to say thanks to Mike Gibson, George Mazur, Del Bartle and little brother Chris Coyne for making it all happen. Please feel free to check out some great photos that the band themselves took on our Spanish/Basque jaunt on the photos section of with a session by a professional photographer from the same tour coming real soon.

Next up for The Godfathers is Petrol club in Antwerp, Belgium on Saturday 13th June and The Garage in London on Friday 24th July.  As the Fab Four once wisely put it a splendid time is guaranteed for all and I for one can’t fucking wait !!!


Peter Coyne/The Godfathers

New date at The Garage, London, July 24

The Godfathers have announced details of a new London show. The band will headline the newly refurbished Garage in London on Friday 24th July with special guests to be confirmed closer to the date. Tickets for The Godfathers at The Garage are available now from

Full Press Release follows.....

The Godfathers

Live at The Garage, London – with special guests

Friday 24th July 2009

Tickets available from 08700 600 100 and

The Godfathers have announced details of a new London show and European dates as well as revealing that former Sid Presley Experience guitarist Del Bartle has replaced Kris Dollimore in the line up following The Godfathers’ first ever American Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre concert in Chicago last month.

The Godfathers will headline the newly refurbished Garage in London on Friday 24th July with special guests to be confirmed closer to the date. Tickets for The Godfathers at The Garage are available now from

Del Bartle had previously played alongside Godfather brothers Peter and Chris Coyne in their legendary cult rock and roll band The Sid Presley Experience in the mid 80’s. Bartle was the co-author with the Coyne brothers of The Sid Presley Experience’s smash independent debut single ‘Public Enemy Number One’/’Hup Two Three Four’ and also co-wrote several songs with them for The Godfathers’ debut album ‘Hit By Hit’. 

Del Bartle joins Peter Coyne (vocals), Chris Coyne (bass), Mike Gibson (guitar) and George Mazur (drums) on The Godfathers’ forthcoming May Spanish tour -
Intersecciones, Gijon on Tuesday 19th May, Gruta 77, Madrid on 20th May, Durango Club, Valencia on 21st May and Helldorado, Vitoria on 22nd May.

The Godfathers also play The Petrol club in Antwerp on Saturday June 13th.

More European dates and festivals for the band are expected to be announced shortly. In 2008 The Godfathers vastly expanded 2 CD re-issue of their classic debut album ‘Hit By Hit’ was released to significant acclaim on the band’s own Corporate Image label.                            

Press enquiries -

The Garage, London - Listing

Date: Friday 24th July 2009
Venue:  The Garage
Address: 20-22 Highbury Corner, London, N5 1RD
Doors: 6.30-10 pm
Admission: £ 14 Adv
Tube: Highbury & Islington (Victoria Line)
Box Office: 08700 600 100

Kris Dollimore replaced in Godfathers line-up

The Godfathers have announced that former Sid Presley Experience guitarist Del Bartle has replaced original Godfathers member, Kris Dollimore in the line up.

Del Bartle had previously played alongside Godfather brothers Peter and Chris Coyne in their legendary cult rock and roll band The Sid Presley Experience in the mid 80’s. Bartle was the co-author with the Coyne brothers of The Sid Presley Experience’s smash independent debut single ‘Public Enemy Number One’/’Hup Two Three Four’ and also co-wrote several songs with them for The Godfathers’ debut album ‘Hit By Hit’. 
New Godfathers dates for Spain and Belgium in May/June

The Godfathers’ forthcoming May Spanish tour -

Intersecciones, Gijon on Tuesday 19 May,

Gruta 77, Madrid on 20 May,

Durango Club, Valencia on 21 May

Helldorado, Vitoria on 22 May.


The Godfathers also play The Petrol club in Antwerp on Saturday June 13.

Peter Coyne on Chicago:

The Godfathers’ Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre at The Metro, Chicago proved to be some kind of rock & roll miracle. The following are some of the more salient, gory details fit to print! We landed at O’Hare airport on Friday 13th February (note the auspicious date…) WITHOUT bass playing brother Chris Coyne. US Homeland security in their infinite wisdom did not clear Chris’ work visa in time for him to travel – a gutting blow to Chris & the rest of the band we only discovered on the eve of our departure to the States. With the US tour being cancelled only a few weeks before, there was no way on God’s earth that The Godfathers were not going to play Chicago. Same as I said on stage that night, only death could stop me performing at The Metro. I saw it as a debt of honour to our American fans. So our American agent, the very excellent & luvverly Matt Suhar, lined up a stand-in bass player, Steve Jacula, who had most certainly done his ‘homework’ in learning our songs & approximating Chris Coyne’s inimitable bass sound. After sleeping off the jetlag we rehearsed the whole set once with Steve on Valentine’s morning (A big thank you to Todd for letting us use his rehearsal studio at such short notice) & then off to The Metro for the sound-check & an interview with Fayth Koga from NBC.

It felt so great to be back in Chicago & alive onstage once more at The Metro, the Chi-Town audience gave us such a fantastic reaction when we walked on & then BANG we kicked off the start of an amazing set. (Please read Mike Cortis’  Music-News review of Valentine’s Day for a full account of the night’s proceedings, check out Patty Bee’s photos on our MySpace photo section or see the many videos posted recently on You Tube from The Metro for visual evidence of this rocking’miracle’). Of course there was always going to be a big physical & musical presence missing without brother Chris there alongside us (I especially missed the old bugger & kept thinking about him throughout the set & how very much he would love to have been there in Chicago, giving it all to the audience. I even got all emotional at one point and dedicated what turned out to be  a beautiful version of ‘Those Days Are Over’ to Chris, but – please – don’t anybody let CC know that!) But Sreve Jacula was fucking magnificent on bass that night given the extreme circumstances and Mike, Kris and, in particular, good, old George The Bradford Backbeat’ Mazur played out of their skins. Chicago crowds, it’s well documented I love ‘em and let me tell you they certainly did not let The Godfathers down for one, single second of that concert. So thank you, thank you Chicago and a thousand more thank yous. I can only agree with the great Francis Albert Sinatra  - my kind of town Chicago is…The combination of Godfathers/Valentine’s Saturday night/Metro//Chicago audience was indeed magic & together we rocked that place ragged.
It was an absolute pleasure to meet up, hang out & socialize with EVERYBODY before & after the gig & in true Gwyneth Paltrow fashion there are a few people I’d like to mention: Saint Rupert Orton/our US agent of steel, Matt Suhar, Thanks Matt to you & your family for ALL your luvverly hospitality, you were a pleasure to work with, sir/Joe & EVERYBODY at The Metro /Steve Jacula for wondrous BASS/The Javelina’s for playing superb support & supplying our back-line in such excellent style – thanks, guys, for EVERYTHING/Tim Powell from Metro mobile for recording the show & non-stop banter – Seymour Hoffman’s doppelganger!/WXRT Godfathers on the radio/Detroit chapter’s finest Mike Cortis/LFC +1 – Tony & his missus travelled all the way from New Mexico, that’s a long way from Chicago & even longer from Birkenhead!/My niece Catherine Emmanuelle – so extra-luvverly to meet up with you again – she’s FAMILY & came from Wisconsin with her buddy Amy Young to see the show/Ramonas Patty & Suzee for flying from Hawaii & California – you always were & always will be the greatest of BROADS/Fayth Koga & NBC for the interview – you gotta have Fayth!!/Adam Becvare – Lord of The Lustkillers/Beth Riches & Dez Kiss – it would have been great to meet up with y’all – but, hey, another time & another place…/Happy Ken, Mike Gibson, Kris Dollimore, George Mazur & anybody else whose name has slipped my tiny mind.
There endeth the ‘miracle of Chicago’  ***News on forthcoming Godfathers concerts & future activity coming real soon***
Peter Coyne
The Godfathers made a powerful and successful return to The Metro in Chicago for the first ever Saint Valentine's Massacre show outside of the UK.
Unfortunately, they had to do this without ever present bassist Chris Coyne who was refused entry to the good old US of A by Homeland Security on account of a previous misdemeanour - jaywalking or wearing shiny suits or something. So the good residents were able to remove the duct tape from their windows and sleep easy in the knowledge that a potential rhythm section attack had been averted. This did, of course throw up some slight problems and it is not like this whole tour/no tour had been the smoothest ride. Stepping in to the void was US bassist Steve Jacula, who after finally getting the tracks, learnt the whole set list within 48 hours. He was, by all accounts, note perfect and even looked the part. A big thanks to Steve from the band and all the fans.
Oh dear....... Godfathers Press Release

Godfathers’ US tour cancelled due to economic meltdown but Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre show at The Metro in Chicago is still on!


THE GODFATHERS had hoped to tour the USA for the first time in 20 years through February. And it is with sincere regret that the group have to announce that this tour has now been severely curtailed due to the ongoing credit crunch. In the financial Armageddon currently laying waste to banks and financial institutions there are plenty of innocent victims. CD and record shops, music retailers, venues and record companies are all struggling to survive the collective belt-tightening of a world living in fear for it's jobs and security.


The Godfathers' projected US tour in February is the latest victim of this financial meltdown. Only announced just before Christmas, the seismic shifts in the world economy and general doom and gloom in the music business has unfortunately led the tour to be radically restructured.

However, the band can confirm the first ever American Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre show with The Godfathers at The Metro in Chicago on Saturday 14th February is still happening. This will be the first American Godfathers show in nearly 20 years with the classic, original line up of Peter Coyne, Chris Coyne, Kris Dollimore, Mike Gibson and George Mazur. This will also be the first ever Godfathers Saint Valentine's Day Massacre show outside London since its inception in the notorious London Dungeon in the late eighties. The London Saint Valentine's Day Massacre shows have become legendary events in English rock and roll folklore and The Godfathers are delighted to stage the first American Massacre at The Metro, which was always a favourite venue for the band to play in their early US tours.  
The Godfathers wish to apologise sincerely to their disappointed American fans, many of whom had already bought tickets for the various shows and to assure them that every effort will be made to re-schedule the tour at some future date.
Press release for the US Tour - NOW CANCELLED
Legendary English rock and roll band THE GODFATHERS explode back into the USA in 2009 with their first American tour in nearly 20 years. The tour includes a landmark Saint Valentine's Day Massacre show on Saturday 14 February at The Metro appropriately in Chicago. This will be first ever Godfathers Saint Valentine's Massacre show outside London since its inception in the notorious London Dungeon in the late eighties. The London Saint Valentine's Day Massacre shows have become legendary events in English rock'n'roll folklore and The Godfathers are delighted to stage the first American Massacre at The Metro.  The tour kicks off on 2.11.09 in Boston and then takes in Washington DC, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Hoboken before crash landing into the Bellhouse in Brookyln on Thursday 19 February.
The Godfathers originally formed in 1985, emerging out of the ashes of The Sid Presley Experience. They dressed liked The Mob and sounded like Johnny Thunders bastard English offspring,  quickly establishing a fearsome reputation for their no-holds barred high energy live show. In the dark days of  eighties Britain  The Godfathers were a beacon of rock'n'roll light in an otherwise bleak time.  They scored a US Top 40 Billboard hit with the storming rocker "Birth, School, Work, Death" in 1987 and became a mainstay of US college radio.
After years of speculation and expectation The Godfathers reformed earlier this year and played onstage together in London for the first time in nineteen years. The band delivered a blistering set at a Saint Valentine's Day Massacre show in London that rocked the house ragged and the momentum has continued with a series of European festival appearances over the summer that has seen the band accelerate from strength to strength.   To celebrate their return they reissued their classic  debut album "Hit By Hit" in an exclusive collectors 2CD set released through the bands own independent label Corporate Image.
Join The Godfathers on this landmark US tour for a true testimonial and celebration of rock'n'roll.  


* Wednesday 11 Boston, MA-The Middle East
* Thursday 12 Washington DC-9.30 Club
* Friday 13 Cleveland, OH-The Grog Shop

Saturday 14 Chicago, IL-The Metro
* Sunday 15 Minneapolis, MN-Seventh Street Entry
* Monday 16 Milwaukee, WI-The Shank House
* Wednesday 18 Hoboken, NJ-Maxwells
* Thursday 19 Brooklyn, NY-The Bell House

On, off, on, off and finally OFF AGAIN
Mike Gibson on US tour
Hi All.

We are well chuffed to be able to announce the US dates this week.
We've been trying to sort things out for a while but, as you can probably imagine in the current climate, just as you want to confirm things the club goes bust or the offer drops/flights shoot up in price. Anyway, we got there with a good smattering of East Coast action scheduled for February 2009.

It's going to be a blast doing the SVDM in Chicago itself on the anniversary of the dirty deed but we're looking forward to re-visiting some old haunts like Maxwells and 9.30. Nearly 20 years man! I wonder just  how much it's all changed.

The shows here in Europe have been going great so we hope to continue the form.

Apologies to the fans on the West Coast. The same problems have stymied our chances of getting out there for the time being but, who knows, once you've saved the car industry/banks/whale then maybe we'll be in a position to complete the tour.

See you in a few weeks.
* Apologies for the fact that these dates have been announced in the US for a full week before they have been confirmed here. There were a few serious issus that have only just been sorted.
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Photography: Rydcoco
Peter Coyne on Islington:
Now we've all fully recovered…Islington Academy was a bloody cracker, wasn't it? My sincere thanks goes out to each and every one of you who paid £15 to see our Rock & Roll extravaganza, but I feel sure you certainly got your money's worth!! The Jooks Of Kent and The Godfathers' favourite English band The Jim Jones Revue provided fantastic support and Andrew Weatherall (lovely, lovely geezer) was absolutely magnificent in his choice of rocking classics during his DJ sets. We knew that we wanted to play a radically different set to the one we'd played on Saint Valentine's Day earlier this year at The Forum. So John Barry's guitar/orchestral version of `Goldfinger' made a stirring intro and Kris Dollimore's inspired suggestion of booting off with `This Damn Nation' set the tone perfectly for the rest of what proved to be quite an amazing evening. We added `STB' and `The Strangest Boy' to the mix – great to get those two songs out of the vaults and back on stage where they belong – and the set seemed to grow from strength to strength. See Darren Light's (totally impartial) rave review on of Islington Academy for a full 5 star account of the night's proceedings. Again our respect and enormous gratitude to those people who travelled from Ireland and all over the UK to see The Godfathers play that night. We simply couldn't have done it without you! Also a special thanks to Jay Sharp and his buddy Barry who made it all the way from New Orleans to Islington and John O'Gorman for undertaking his second trip from Australia this year to see us. I hope as well that you all enjoyed the after-show party we arranged at The Academy – it was great to meet and chat with some of the faces afterwards. All in all a superb night and be assured The Godfathers will always endeavour that our audience get the biggest bangs for their hard-earned bucks/pounds/euros!!
The Night Before Islington we played a rocking overture in Handelsbeurs, a beautiful club in beautiful Ghent, Belgium. I've said it before and I'll say it again, lovely people those Belgians! Hello to PV Ramone and Monique Demarteau and absolutely everybody connected to this incredible venue.
Regarding our plans for 2009, we hope to announce soon some very exciting news concerning future Godfathers' activity. But for the present our lips are sealed until it's all 100%…
Watch this space!! As soon as we know we'll be sure to keep you all informed… Walt Disney said the most fantastic thing once, a philosophy that shaped his entire empire and one I've always personally believed in – "If you can dream it, you can do it." Love to Mike, Kris, George and brother Chris. Keep on rocking in the free world!!!
Peter Coyne/The Godfathers
Just a warning that The Godfathers will be taking the stage at 8.30pm sharp at the Islington Academy as there is a strict 10pm curfew. Be early!
The Godfathers play a pre Islington Academy warm up at Handelsbeurs in Ghent, Belgium Thursday October 23rd.
Added two videos of the band performing in 1991 at The Town & Country Club, London. This was broadcast on UK TV on the Thames Television production "The Concert". How does it feel to feel? and I love what's happening to me are the tracks.
Removed the video of If I only had time, from German TV, as it has sync problems. Replaced it with a far far better video (and performance) of the same track onstage in the US 1988. Find it here
Peter Coyne on things:

Hello everybody

Since I last wrote The Godfathers have played some pretty amazing concerts around Europe. A storming set at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels in May (the promoter kindly included several cases of cherry beer in our rider that night which helped fuel a lively after-show party attended by PV Ramone, the ever-gracious Gandolfi brothers - who had flown in from London especially to see the show – and various other chums of the band. For aural and visual proof of a fantastic night in Belgium please feel free to check out MP3s of great versions of  ‘Those Days Are Over’ and ‘I Don’t Believe In You’ here and Sandra de Bruyne’s stunning set of B&W photos of our gig here. This was followed in June by an appearance at the Nova Rock Festival, Austria. Nova Rock is a massive 3 day festival and the roster of artists appearing this year was highly impressive – Sex Pistols, Motorhead, Rage Against The Machine and The Verve, who headlined the night we played. I thought The Godfathers performed well and it was great to catch up again with Justin Sullivan and the New Model Army lads who go way back. I can also confirm Mike Gibson’s account in his previous blog of wine-based debauchery back at our Austrian hotel – the night before we actually played Nova Rock we got so pissed on the delicious, locally produced vino we couldn’t even be bothered to see The Pistols! Now that’s punk rock!!

In my humble opinion I reckon the Rokaj Festival in Zagreb, Croatia in July has got to be the best show we’ve played together so far this year and the concert took place in the most dramatic circumstances imaginable. We were all busy preparing to go on, grooving along nicely back-stage and had even received a cheery “All right, lads? How you doing?” from The Fall’s Mark E Smith who was on earlier that night and occupying the tent next to us in a splendid state of inebriation. Then the most frightening thunder and lightning storm I’ve ever seen descended upon the area and began to build and build. Think ‘Twister’ meets ‘Moby Dick’ in an atmospheric gang-bang with ‘The Exorcist’ and you’re close. It became obvious that we could not possibly play outdoors in these extreme conditions (George’s drum-kit was even flying across the stage at one point!!) so bravo to the Rokaj festival organisers who swiftly organised for our equipment to be transferred from the main-stage to a huge, tented marquee opposite where the evening’s entertainment eventually took place. The Croatian audience were magnificent and responded highly enthusiastically to our set, so I can honestly say we literally went down a fucking storm in Zagreb! Then the following week we played another cracker at the Cultura Quente Festival, Caldas de Reis, Spain – again (when you’ve time) see Guillermo ‘Willy’ Iglesias’ photos from Cultura Quente here.
I’m glad to report that the Bestialc Festival, Castellon (near Valencia) in Spain on Saturday 30th August is now 100% confirmed and definitely ON! We are also exploring the possibility of playing a select number of shows in various territories before we play our ‘Rock And Roll extravaganza’ at the Islington Academy on Friday October 24th. I am very much looking forward to The Godfathers playing London again and we can certainly promise you a fantastic bill – with support from OUR favourite British rock and roll band The Jim Jones Revue, stonking blues from The Jooks Of Kent and a special rock and roll DJ set from renowned DJ/Producer Andrew Weatherall. Believe me, we intend to make this an unmissable Friday night out and tickets are available from

Hope to see you all somewhere on planet earth very soon...

Peter Coyne/The Godfathers

12.08.2008: Videos added
Added six new live performances kindly supplied by Dave Richings. Two from the Pink Pop Festival in Holland from 1988 and two from a concert recorded for German TV from 1989. There are also two others for German TV from 1991 after the departure of Kris Dollimore, with new guitarist Chris Burrows. See them here
Photography: Sandra de Bruyne
09.08.2008: Gig Cancellation:
The Godfathers appearance at the Estepona Rock Festival in Spain has been cancelled.
07.08.2008: Image Gallery added:
Finally added the image gallery with 40 pictures after the reformation (including a stunning set of the Brussels gig from Sandra de Bruyne). See them here.
Also 218 images of the band and posters/promo material from their original incarnation in the 80's. See them here.
Photography: Guillermo 'Willy' Iglesias
20.06.2008: New dates confirmed:
The Godfathers will be appearing at two Spanish festivals at the end of August 2008. Firstly the Estepona Rock Festival on 29 August and the Bestialc Festival on 30 August.
Photography: PJ Ramone
23.05.2008: Press Release
Following their triumphant Saint Valentine’s Days Massacre live return at The Forum on February 14th 2008, legendary British rock and roll band The Godfathers are delighted to announce full details of a new London show and some select European dates and festivals.
The Godfathers will headline a ‘Rock & Roll extravaganza’ at The Islington Academy on Friday October 24th, supported by incendiary rockers The Jim Jones Revue, acclaimed rocking blues trio The Jooks Of Kent, plus a rock & roll DJ set from Andrew Weatherall. Tickets for The Godfathers’ Islington Academy Rock & Roll extravaganza are available now from
The Godfathers will also play the Nova Rock Festival in Nicklesdorf, Austria on Saturday 14th June (the 3 day bill for Nova Rock also includes Rage Against The Machine, Sex Pistols, Verve etc), the Rokaj Festival in Zagreb, Croatia on Sunday 6th July (confirmed line-up so far for Rojaj Festival includes The Lemonheads, Wire, The Fall etc) and the Cultura Quente Festival in Caldas de Reis, Spain on Friday 11th July. A short tour of Spain is planned for late September and more European concerts and festivals for the band are expected to be announced shortly.
The Godfathers are currently in discussion with various American promoters about playing their first dates together in the USA for 19 years. Favourites of the American College radio network, The Godfathers fiery brand of no-nonsense, primal rock and roll made them a highly popular, must-see live act in the States during the late 80’s and 90’s and they secured a top 40 Billboard chart placing for ‘Birth School Work Death’ in 1988.
18.02.2008: Peter Coyne on Valentine’s Day/Spain/Greece:
Hi Everybody
I want to thank you all so much for making such a tremendous effort in coming to see The Godfathers on Valentine's Day at The Forum in London. Quite a few people came over from America just for the gig (step forward Mike Cortis and his lovely wife from Detroit, Senator Jack and Joe De Lorenzo from NYC), one guy and his nephew travelled all the way from Australia (sorry geezer, I can't recall your name!!), others came from as far as Germany, Spain, Belgium (Hi to PV Ramone and his partner - thanks for the chocolates!!), Ireland and of course from all over the UK. The Godfathers thank you, each and every one. Personally speaking it was a very humbling experience and it's not often you will hear me say those words!! When I introduced 'Birth School Work Death' with "It's been emotional, very emotional" I really fucking meant it.

I know everybody in the band had a blast playing all those great songs again and we could really feel the love coming back from the audience. The 4 Spanish concerts in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia (whoever stole my tambourine off the stage there, keep it I got me a new one!) and Bilbao (my personal favourite of the 4 at Kafe Antzokia in the Basque region) that preceded The Forum show were also a fantastic, uplifting experience for us all. If anybody took photos or shot film at The Forum or in Spain, please do send them in to us as we'd love to see them. Our fans are truly the best - without you we're nothing!! Contrary to our public persona The Godfathers are very approachable people and we really, really enjoyed meeting up with everybody after the concerts. Next stop for The Godfathers is the two dates in Greece in Athens and Thessalonika on the 14th and 15th March and we are well and truly revved up for them and can't wait to play again. I always saw the 4 dates in Spain, the Valentine's Day Massacre at The Forum and the 2 dates in Greece very much as stage 1 of what we are doing this year with the band. What stage 2 is going to be - I haven't got a clue at this present moment in time, but I certainly hope it includes playing more concerts and festivals around the world with The Godfathers. I would also like to publicly extend thanks and love to Chris, Kris, Mike and George - gentlemen, it's been a privilege, an enormous pleasure and a fucking great blast!! Let's do some more!!!

Peter Coyne/The Godfathers
12.11.2007: Message from Peter Coyne
First of all, thanks very much for your messages of support over the years – it's always lovely to be remembered and to be re-reminded of how important The Godfathers' music has become to the lives of others.
Secondly, it gives me enormous pleasure to 100% confirm the news reports you might have read that the original, classic line-up of The Godfathers is being reformed to play some select concert dates in 2008 to promote the reissue of an expanded version of our debut album 'Hit By Hit'. I have to stress that this is not to be considered a permanent reunion. We might play one more concert together, five concerts or fifty concerts - at this early stage of 'the game' we just don't know. All I know is that Peter Coyne, Chris Coyne, Kris Dollimore, Mike Gibson and George Mazur started The Godfathers in 1985 and together we are now breathing new life back into that magnificent beast of a band for a limited period in time. So I would urge anybody who wants to see The Godfathers back in action to make the most of next year's live performances, as one thing is for certain – we won't be around forever.
We had our first rehearsal together since 1989 the other week, coincidentally at the very same studio that we all met up in back in '85. Speaking for myself I was nervous but exhilarated to be playing again with Chris, Kris, Mike and George. During my 'career' in the music business I was blessed to have been involved with three great rock and roll bands – The Sid Presley Experience, The Germans and The Godfathers. Anybody who knows me (or anything at all about music) would immediately understand why The Godfathers are of course the most important band of that trio.
I am immensely proud of the majority of the songs we all wrote together for 'Hit By Hit', 'Birth, School, Work, Death' and 'More Songs About Love And Hate' and the concerts we performed world-wide together from '85 to '89. After much debate and deliberation amongst ourselves we now have the opportunity to play those great songs once more, say our proper goodbyes to our audience and each other and finish The Godfathers with the almighty bang it surely deserves.
During my time in the band I was always the most avid collector of memorabilia relating to The Godfathers – posters, press, rare records and videos, all of which have been gathering dust in my South London loft for the past twenty years or so. Now, via the miracle of You Tube and MySpace, we'd like to share these rare items with you all. So please feel free to check out the pics/photos section of our official MySpace page for a selection of archive photos, posters, interviews and reviews of the band. For your visual delight and delectation we have just posted on You Tube and MySpace a fantastic live version of 'I Want Everything' from the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre held at the Kilburn National Ballroom, London in 1989, the promo video for the Corporate Image 'Love Is Dead' single from '87 (unbelievably we rejected this video at the time of its release, but now it looks great…full colour film of The Godfathers at The Marquee in London in late '86, what's not to like!!), the full length promo video for 'I Want Everything' (the 'unofficial' version of 'I Want Everything' that has been posted on You Tube is missing about a minutes worth of action from its intro) and lastly the original promo video for the debut Sid Presley Experience single 'Public Enemy Number One'. We hope that these juicy rock and roll morsels will whet your appetite sufficiently for all things Godfathers until we play together again on Saint Valentine's Day 2008.
Every few weeks or so we will do our best to update and add new items to MySpace, so please keep checking in for the latest news. This week or next week we hope to finally announce the venue and full bill for our Saint Valentine's Day Massacre reunion gig in London on Feb 14th 2008. All apologies for any 'delay' in delivering this news to you, but unfortunately the 'business' side of things is very much out of our hands. As soon as we know the relevant details we will let you all know. The Godfathers are also actively looking for somebody to help run our official website for us – so if you know or are a prospective candidate for this task, please get in touch. We will endeavour to make your participation well worth your while.
My current mantra is this: The Godfathers were a fucking great rock and roll band and if we're only half as good as what we were then we will still be ten times better than the majority of bands out there today.
I'm so looking forward to seeing you all out there in the audience on Valentine's Day – as always we will all be doing our best to give you our best. Spread the good news and keep the faith – only bullets can stop us now!!

Peter Coyne